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A domestic argument can quickly escalate and lead to the issuance of a temporary no-contact order. If you are the subject of temporary no-contact order, you could be forced from your home and denied contact with your children. If you subsequently violate the temporary or final order, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or felony domestic violence crime depending on the circumstances.

Simply going into court and telling your side of the story will probably not make the temporary no-contact order go away. In fact, what you say could lead the judge to rule against you.

The law governing no-contact orders and domestic violence charges is complex. To protect your rights, you need effective legal representation as soon as possible.

Experienced Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

Harkins & Swinburnson, PLLC, is a team of attorneys that vigorously represents people in domestic violence cases. We work diligently to prevent the issuance of final no-contact orders and defend people accused of criminal domestic violence charges.

If a temporary no-contact order has been issued against you, we can seek to address that immediately, so you can go home, see your children and resume your normal life. In the civil hearing regarding the final no-contact order, we can present your side of the story in an accurate manner. Our goal will be to prevent the issuance of a final no-contact order. If that is not possible, we can seek to obtain terms in the order which are less onerous.

Harkins & Swinburnson, PLLC, also defends people accused of violating no-contact orders, assault, custodial interference and other criminal charges.

At our law firm, we do not judge our clients. Rather, we stand up for their rights and freedom. Harkins & Swinburnson, PLLC., will be your strong advocate, working hard to achieve your goals.

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