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Aggressive driving: How to spot road rage

There is no question that drivers get frustrated and angry when navigating busy Washington roadways. At some point, you may have gotten angry at another driver while you were rushing to work or to an appointment. Road rage is a common problem throughout the country and is the cause of many motor vehicle accidents, injuries and even fatalities. In fact, AAA reports that road rage is involved in approximately half of all motor vehicle accident deaths. Furthermore, at least half of drivers admit that they have engaged in aggressive driving behaviors. By understanding how to spot the signs of road rage, you may be able to avoid becoming the victim of a devastating car accident.

Some common road rage behaviors that you should be on the lookout for include the following:

  •          Tailgating, or driving too closely behind other vehicles.
  •          Racing or speeding alongside other cars.
  •          Ignoring stop signs and traffic signals.
  •          Excessive lane changing without signaling.
  •          Cutting in front of other drivers and slowing down.
  •          Inappropriate hand signals, gestures and swearing.

In severe cases, aggressive drivers may force vehicles off of the road or actually hit other vehicles because of their anger.

One way to keep from becoming involved with these road raging drivers is to avoid eye contact. Do not return words or gestures with angry motorists. Keep your eyes on the road and focus on the other vehicles. Always drive defensively, and be prepared to respond to a dangerous situation.

This information is intended to educate and should not be taken as legal advice. 

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