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May 2017 Archives

Why does it take so long to clean up after a truck accident?

When a large truck is in an accident in Washington, it can shut a roadway down, sometimes for hours. Motorists trying to get around the accident can get upset or annoyed that things are taking so long. They simply want to get to where they are going and cannot understand why cleanup is taking so long. If this sounds like you in this type of situation, then it could help to learn a bit more about why truck accident cleanups can take a long time.

AAA’s 100 ‘deadliest days of summer’ start after Memorial Day

It is almost summer in Washington, which means you will soon share the road with many more inexperienced drivers than you typically come across during the school year. When driver inexperience mixes with distracted driving behaviors, the roads become increasingly deadly, and this is especially problematic in the 100 days immediately following Memorial Day. At Harkins & Swinburnson PLLC, we understand the types of injuries and fatalities that result when inexperienced and distracted drivers take to the roadway, and we have considerable experience assisting clients who suffer injury because of these drivers.

Can law enforcement tell if you are uninsured?

If you are weighing your options and considering whether or not car insurance is a necessity, you are certainly not alone. However, driving uninsured in Washington is risky and can result in consequences that can be far more expensive than maintaining an adequate policy.