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AAA’s 100 ‘deadliest days of summer’ start after Memorial Day

It is almost summer in Washington, which means you will soon share the road with many more inexperienced drivers than you typically come across during the school year. When driver inexperience mixes with distracted driving behaviors, the roads become increasingly deadly, and this is especially problematic in the 100 days immediately following Memorial Day. At Harkins & Swinburnson PLLC, we understand the types of injuries and fatalities that result when inexperienced and distracted drivers take to the roadway, and we have considerable experience assisting clients who suffer injury because of these drivers.

Just why are the 100 days immediately following Memorial Day so dangerous? According to USA Today, the lack of experience many teenage drivers share tends to compound with increasingly dangerous driving behaviors, and with deadly results. Over the last five years, more than 1,000 American motorists and passengers lost their lives every year during this 100-day period. Driver distractions that place you at considerable risk, such as texting behind the wheel, were a factor in nearly 60 percent of crashes.

One study, conducted by researchers at the University of Iowa, took a closer look at the six seconds immediately leading up to car accidents. It revealed that drivers talking to other passengers in the car was a factor in about 15 percent of accidents, and that a driver’s use of a cellphone in some capacity (talking, texting and so on) played a role in 12 percent of crashes. An additional 11 percent of auto accidents involved the driver looking for an item or otherwise doing something inside his or her vehicle.

Some safety advocates believe part of the problem lies in the fact that teen behavioral patterns regarding cellphones have changed in recent years. While teens talking on phones has been a problem for some time, many teenagers now opt to text, instead of actually talk, on the phone, compounding the issue and compromising your safety even further. More information about car accidents is available on our website. 

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