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Why does it take so long to clean up after a truck accident?

When a large truck is in an accident in Washington, it can shut a roadway down, sometimes for hours. Motorists trying to get around the accident can get upset or annoyed that things are taking so long. They simply want to get to where they are going and cannot understand why cleanup is taking so long. If this sounds like you in this type of situation, then it could help to learn a bit more about why truck accident cleanups can take a long time.

According to Komo News, law enforcement has to first ensure that all the people involved in the crash are taken care of. This means shutting down roads and trying to allow emergency crews to get to the accident site. This can be slowed down if traffic is in the way and not accommodating.

Another issue that is specific to big trucks is trying to remove the vehicle from the roadway. There can be many challenges with this because the idea is to get the truck off the road without causing a bigger mess. If the truck bed has been weakened in any way, this could pose a problem. As the weight of the load shifts, it could bust through weakened areas and spill onto the road, introducing an even bigger issue. Also of concern is that the average tow truck cannot handle the job of removing a big truck. Usually, special equipment is needed.

What might seem like a simple cleanup can get very complicated when a big truck is involved. This is why you might find yourself stuck in traffic for hours after a truck accident. This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.

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