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How can you improve safety when driving around semi-trucks?

Odds are, any time you take to the Washington roadway, you are going to encounter a commercial truck. Many people are fearful of driving around these massive, heavy vehicles, and if you are among them, your fear may prove warranted. In addition to being hard to see around, semi-trucks are also tough to stop, and there are other inherent dangers associated with driving around them that can increase if drivers are inexperienced or irresponsible.

While there is little you can do if semi-truck drivers fail to follow the rules of the road, there are, per Edmunds, steps you can take to increase your safety as a motorist. For starters, remember that the large size and considerable weight of commercial trucks means it is much more difficult for drivers to make sudden stops – meaning you need to leave a substantial amount of space between your car and these trucks, should you decide to pass one.

Additionally, know that while you have blind spots, truckers, too, have them, but the ones they have are far bigger than yours. Trucks have blind spots in front, behind and on either side of them, so if you are trying to pass a semi, make your move and avoid lingering on a truck’s side. If you cannot see a trucker’s eyes in his or her side mirrors, he or she probably cannot see you, either.

Many truck accidents also result from under-riding, which occurs when a passenger car slides up and essentially under the back of a truck. Increasingly, trucking companies are relying on under-ride guards to minimize the risk of this type of accident, but their use is not yet common practice nationwide.

This information about safe driving around semis seeks to inform you, but it should not replace legal advice.


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