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What do I do if a reckless driver hits me?

Reckless driving is one of the leading causes of injury for many motorists and their passengers in the Kennewick area. Drivers who disregard the traffic rules, courtesies and signs are likely to crash into other vehicles. Car accidents have a significant impact on the victims and their loved ones. People who find themselves involved in car wrecks with reckless drivers often end up with injuries. Those who do not end up with serious and life-threatening injuries often end up questioning their own driving skills. 

Common reckless driving behaviors include speeding, running stop signs and red lights, not yielding the right of way and traveling too slowly. According to Roadandtrack.com, women are not as likely as men to engage in reckless motor vehicle operation. 

Actions to take after an accident 

Anyone who becomes injured in a reckless driving accident should contact the authorities and wait for them to arrive. They should also exchange information with the other driver and take a photo of their registration, driver’s license and both sides of their insurance documents. They should get examined by a medical responder or go to a hospital after they have made a report about the incident to the police.

Many people do not like to inform their insurers when they are in car accidents. However, if there are property damage and injuries, filing an insurance claim can help them to recover compensation for their medical costs, property damage and other related expenses. When there are injuries involved, victims should document all their symptoms, discomforts and limitations. They should also keep journals documenting how much their injuries are impacting their lives and families. Some of them also find it beneficial to work with their attorneys so they can hold the reckless drivers responsible. 

Reckless drivers are a danger to everyone. It is important for motorists to be mindful of their surroundings, driving behaviors and steer clear of reckless drivers to avoid accidents.

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