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What do I do if a reckless driver hits me?

Reckless driving is one of the leading causes of injury for many motorists and their passengers in the Kennewick area. Drivers who disregard the traffic rules, courtesies and signs are likely to crash into other vehicles. Car accidents have a significant impact on the victims and their loved ones. People who find themselves involved in car wrecks with reckless drivers often end up with injuries. Those who do not end up with serious and life-threatening injuries often end up questioning their own driving skills. 

How is liability determined in a driverless car accident?

While self-driving cars are not abundant upon Washington roadways just yet, there are some out there, and accidents involving them have already occurred. This has brought about a question. How is liability determined when a car has no driver? The situation is only complicated when you are a passenger in the vehicle, but the software is driving.

AAA’s 100 ‘deadliest days of summer’ start after Memorial Day

It is almost summer in Washington, which means you will soon share the road with many more inexperienced drivers than you typically come across during the school year. When driver inexperience mixes with distracted driving behaviors, the roads become increasingly deadly, and this is especially problematic in the 100 days immediately following Memorial Day. At Harkins & Swinburnson PLLC, we understand the types of injuries and fatalities that result when inexperienced and distracted drivers take to the roadway, and we have considerable experience assisting clients who suffer injury because of these drivers.

Are hands free cellphones safe for motorists?

If are guilty of using a hand-held cellphone while driving in Washington, you are not alone. Although this dangerous practice is illegal in the state of Washington, many people continue to talk, text and perform other functions on their hand-held cellular devices while behind the wheel. Some people, however, have turned to using hands-free devices as a way to continue their cellphone use and stay in compliance with the law. Hands-free cellphones are marketed as a safe alternative to hand-held models, as they do not require drivers to use their hands to operate or take their eyes off the road. Studies show that hands free cellphones may not be safe to use at all.

Commercial truck clearinghouse may save lives

When people share the road with large tractor trailers, they run the risk of becoming involved in a serious truck accident. While people may assume that the truck driver operating the big rig is licensed, experience and well-qualified, this may not always be the case. There are a number of truck drivers who have previous driving violations, or are otherwise unqualified to drive a at truck. However, they are still out on the roadways. These negligent truckers may cause serious truck accidents, injuries and death to innocent people on the road. This may all change, however, due to a new Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse, which is set to be implemented soon.

Aggressive driving: How to spot road rage

There is no question that drivers get frustrated and angry when navigating busy Washington roadways. At some point, you may have gotten angry at another driver while you were rushing to work or to an appointment. Road rage is a common problem throughout the country and is the cause of many motor vehicle accidents, injuries and even fatalities. In fact, AAA reports that road rage is involved in approximately half of all motor vehicle accident deaths. Furthermore, at least half of drivers admit that they have engaged in aggressive driving behaviors. By understanding how to spot the signs of road rage, you may be able to avoid becoming the victim of a devastating car accident.

Police: Impaired, arguing driver caused Columbia crash, injuries

Distracted driving can take many forms. In most cases, it involves a driver more focused on their phone than on the traffic. In other cases, it involves a driver too focused on a passenger to properly pay attention to what is going on around them.